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The leading developer communities, ranked

Which are the largest developer communities globally?

The 1 million developer club is a live watchlist of developer communities (large-scale tech platforms, open-source, language communities etc.) featured against the 1-million registered developers benchmark.

The list is instantly updated when new data come to light and is verified by the SlashData team.

This is a collaborative project created by SlashData, shared with and updated by the whole industry.

updated: Q3 2021

Download the full list


Where data

comes from

  • Our Developer Economics Survey data 

  • Media sources and the news

  • Direct contributions from the communities

Do you want to be part of this?

  • Do you want to have your community featured on the list?

  • Is there a community that should be on the list but is missing? 

  • Do we have a number wrong? 


Let us know at

About SlashData

Our mission is to help the world understand developers and developers understand the world. At SlashData we help the top 100 technology firms understand the profile of developer communities and measure the ROI of their developer strategies. As an analyst firm, we survey 40,000+ developers annually and analyse that data to help our clients target the right developers, prioritise the right features for their products, and optimise their marketing budget to drive developer engagement and satisfaction.

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